Fine Art Photographer

Joanna Kor

I am a family and wedding photographer based in London.
I adore the outdoors, whether as a devoted mother, professional photographer, or aspiring rock climber.

Family & Wedding Photographer

About Me

Every day I am inspired by love, beauty and nature; the uniqueness of people and the interaction we have with those close to us and with our environment.

I feel privileged to be able to capture the affection we share with the people we love, and be granted the trust that comes with those moments. To create stunning images that become timeless visual recollections and impressions of a particular point in time.

Nature is important to me, and our interaction to our environment is a passion I share with my family, from heading on adventures outdoors to developing my personal achievement in rock climbing.

“Only photograph what you love”.
Tim Walker

Fine Art Photography

About My Style

I love working outdoors; my style of photography makes the most of natural light and our interaction with nature.

I’m a lover of laughter, and my sessions are free flowing as they organically evolve; I will gently direct at times but only to capture the natural you. I love documenting natural emotions and expressions, and for you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

I photograph people as they interact with each other. Natural and authentic. Photography is my way to express how I see things and it connects me with people, their unique stories and the world around us.

Time goes so fast. Photography freezes the present for timeless recollection.